Wk. 15 – Classmate Conversation – Kordell Tan


This week I got to talk to Kordell Tan. He is a really cool dude and I actually found out that he was the person that sent me the art care package that I still haven’t received yet! Kordell is a bio medical engineering major and is a 1st year at CSULB. His favorite food is any type of Mexican food no matter what or where it is. His favorite musical artist is the strokes who I like as well. His favorite color is navy blue and his hobbies include playing music, more specifically playing the guitar, and he is in his own band and they play rock music around his neighborhood. He works at a movie theatre in Fullerton, which is a dine in movie theatre, which I thought was pretty cool. His dream job is to eventually become a bio technical engineer or go to medical school. His favorite brands of clothing are Hurley and H&M, which I like as well. Kordell was awesome to talk to and such a nice guy!


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