Wk. 13 – Classmate Conversation – Amber Bolden


This week I got to talk to Amber. We had already met in the first couple of weeks of school for the sand art project because we went to the beach together and she is an awesome girl. I got to learn some new things about her that I found interesting. She is a film major which I find cool because I am into film as well so I get to ask her all about it. She wants to eventually do production for a major film company like Sony or Paramount. When I asked her what her favorite food was, she said she doesn’t have one specific one because she eats everything. When I asked her what her favorite color was she said that she has none, but she doesn’t like the color purple. Her favorite musical artist at the moment is Torey Lanez. If she could travel anywhere in the world it would be France because of the beautiful scenery and the film scene is very different out there that she wants to experience. Her hobbies include photography, hiking, and going to different museums. She is a first year at CSULB and he mother is a dog walker. Amber is an awesome girl and I’m glad I got to know her this semester.


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