Wk. 13 – Art Experience -Art Care Package


This art experience is really cool to me. You get to see what other people like and other people get to see what you like. For me, creating my art care package was interesting because I kind of put a lot of me in there and like what I am doing this semester and then I put in there a bunch of things that represent the town in which I live in and I tried to put stuff in there that will relate to the other person as well. It is very similar to sending a snapchat because you get to see what other people are doing during their day and what is going on throughout their life. It is different in the way of because it is very personal and deep for you and also for them. I think that ephemera is very cool and amazing because you get to see what was going on in the past and see what they lived like or what their life was like and how different or how similar it was. There is a difference because it is more personal and you get to choose who you want to see your work. The time it takes does definitely matter because it could mean a big difference to the other person, but not that much of a difference to you. Yes, you can fill something with love because it represents you and what you love, and it could also stand for what the other person loves as well.


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