Wk. 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

My Cache: 33 degrees 49.867′ N     -118 degrees 09.861′ W

The first 2 pictures is of where I was looking for the geocache and the last 2 pictures of where I hid my own geocache. At first, I thought that this experience would be fun and it would be easy to find, but when I was there, I couldn’t find anything. I looked for almost 2 hours and couldn’t find anything. As I was going to the place, I was reading some of the comments of how people found them and how people like to do it as a hobby and it was very interesting. I didn’t know that this was a thing and it is cool to see that people like to do this for fun. It is a very personal thing because people want to them in spots that are meaningful to them and it is cool that we get to go to those places and see what they hid that represents them. Feelings and emotions definitely come into play because it is just a little glimpse into someone else’s world or life that they live. (By the way, sorry for the ESPN update on the top of the picture haha.)


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