Wk. 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

This experience was so interesting to me. The fact that we had to go in the Library and read a book on the first floor where no reading really happens there was very weird and uncomfortable. I think that words and pictures can capture an experience because it shows you what you were doing that day and reminds you of the good times that you had. The style of the words do also matter because if you capture a photo that is slightly less blurry, then that is your interpretation of what happened that day and that is okay. It is the message behind the picture that matters that most. Some other ways that you can share the experience without taking pictures is telling them about it and letting them know what happened that day. I think it does take you out of the experience because you are so focused and capturing the moment, but you are not really in the moment and focused on what matters. At first, it was weird that we couldn’t take pictures in the library, but then I realized, it’s a library we are supposed to be reading and studying, not taking pictures of everything. This experiment changed my view of the library and what it really should be used for. We need to have more books on the first floor when you walk in, so everyone knows what it is. Our day and age is turning more into a technology world and it is sad, but I do believe that we can improve and make it better.


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