Hello everyone, my name is Rocko Jag. I am a citizen of the Moonbase Alpha. I was born in Portland, Oregon and moved to Moonbase Alpha to pursue my career as a YouTuber. I am best known for my video called “Time-lapse Of The Century,” which got over 100 million views. This picture, above, was from that very day when I did the video. I was in San Francisco at the time and saw this beautiful scenery that I knew just had to be captured. My good friend, and my old friend from grammar school, helped me out with the video. As well as my 2 YouTube friends that I met on this wonderful journey.

I live in a loft in Moonbase Alpha with my best friend in the whole wide world, my jack russell named Ben. Now, my life consists of waking up in the morning, editing my YouTube videos, which go up every Saturday, and I do a lot of promotional stuff for my channel and other things because of YouTube. I love doing Youtube, it is a passion of mine and I never take anything for granted. I love all of my 11 million subscribers dearly, they are like my best friends. I do a lot of time-lapse videos, and also a lot of traveling vlogs. This is what keeps me going everyday and it makes me the happiest.

I love my life. Even though it is something that I couldn’t have predicted, I love it. It is brought me a lot of cool opportunities that I am grateful for. I couldn’t have asked for a better life doing everything that I love. I couldn’t have had a viral video without the help of my awesome friends!

Ken (my friend from grammar school):

Bronson (my good friend):





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