Wk. 8 – Artist Conversation – Almira M. Nikravesh

Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh
Exhibition: Farsh
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: @almiranikravesh

This week I got to talk to the artist Almira M. Nikravesh. Her style of work is sculpting. She is a undergraduate student getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Soon, she will be graduating and expanding her art knowledge to the world. The main things that she likes to explore in her artwork is her family, and culture of her and her family. Her main interests are going to school, and making her sculptures. She loves art and has a big passion for it.

Her sculptures are mostly flat and curvy at the same time. They also have a lot of jagged edges to them because they are feet and one of them is a design of something on sand. She uses pretty basic colors for her sculptures like white and base and mostly light colors. The material that she used for her sculptures are hydrocal and MDM. Her pieces of art are very representative of her and her family so all of these things have some correlation with her family.

Almira is a very family oriented girl. She loves her family and her culture a lot and she mainly wanted to represent them in her sculptures. Her main inspiration for making these pieces were actually comments and criticism about her artwork. She used those comments and criticism about her pieces to make a whole new piece of art and she is so proud of them. Almira says that her work is meaningful with the idea, but clean in the estetics. She likes to do things that directly impact her.

These sculptures were very cool and very much representative of her. I loved how she is such a family person because I am too and that really resonated with me. Culture is a big hing to me, and I love how her culture is greatly shown in these pieces. I love how she uses her hate comments and criticism about her work to her benefit. She proves everyone worng with her work and that is awesome to me.


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