Wk. 5 – Classmate Conversation – Crysta Tim


My conversation this week was with an awesome girl named Crysta! When talking, we had a lot in common and ended up talking about a lot of things. Her hobbies include drawing, reading, watching videos, anime, hanging with friends, music, and most importantly swimming. Her favorite food is cheesecake. Her favorite color is red and if she could travel anywhere it would be to Amsterdam because of the pretty view. She wears mostly forever 21 and doesn’t really care where her clothes are from. Her favorite drink is water and one thing that she loves is her dad, he is her best friend. She doesn’t have a favorite flower. She is majoring in pre-graphic design, but is switching to English. Her future plans include to be an author and one day an editor at a publishing house. She took this class just to get the credits. Crysta had a very interesting story and she is a very cool person! I’m glad I got to know her!


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