Wk. 5 – Artist Conversation – Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen
Exhibition: Wave
Media: Metal Working
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: None
Instagram: @ellltigre

The artist that I talked to this week was named Tony Nguyen. He had really cool metal pieces and were each inspired by something different in his life. He is in his 5th year as an undergraduate at CSULB. He wants to go to graduate school, and pursue art. His interests are watching cartoons and making things. The ideas that his work explores is really just whatever is fun and he likes at the time and also his childhood.

The pieces of artwork that he makes is metal work so all of the pieces are very sharp and have a lot of jagged edges. It is also very shiny and reflective, almost like a mirror. Most of the colors that he uses is black and silver and gold. Those colors are what make the most sense when working with metal. Even though he uses the colors that are kind of boring, they still stand out and represent something in the art he is trying to share with us.

His artwork very much represents him and what he likes and is interested in. Some of the things that he does like his favorite piece the mailbox, is very much him and he says that he likes it because of the way he made it and the way it came out. Other pieces like the wave and ring, are reflective of his childhood. The wave is because he loves the ocean and the waves so he decided to put that together as a piece. In all, it is all very much him and what he loves.

I was really interested in his pieces and I thought they were very cool. I like the fact that his art represents his childhood. When I look at art, I will always want it to resonate with me, and now I know that I can always think of my childhood when I see that piece. I also like that it is reflective of him and what he thinks is fun in the moment. If you have an idea of something you like, then do it!


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