Wk. 4 – Classmate Conversation – Ashley Batres


My classmate conversation this week was with a lovely girl I met named Ashley. We talked about a lot of different things, and we found out that we have a lot of things in common. Her hobbies are reading, pretending to go to the gym (SAME) and sleeping. Her favorite food is pizza (SAME). Her favorite color is pink and black. If she could travel to one place, she would go to Greece because of its beautiful scenery. Her favorite brand of clothing is H&M. She likes to drink peach green tea from Starbucks and now I really want to try it haha! One thing that she loves is herself, and I thought that was a great and different answer. Her favorite flower is peonies because of the way they look. She really loves Drake and is her favorite artist (SAME). She is majoring in political science, and minoring in Spanish. She does not know what she wants to do in her future (SAME haha see I told you we have a lot on common). Lastly, she decided to take this course because she needed an art class, she is shy and this will bring her out of her shell and she likes this class better than the other section. I had a lot of fun talking to Ashley and it was great meeting her!


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